Hair care tips

Here I am sharing the Hair care tips.

Hair care by avocado

This is one in every of the fruits that have the variety of health benefits with regards to hair and skin. If your hair has become thinner in look proper moisturizing are essential. Avocado is such a natural product on the market with the Mother Nature that contains antioxidant and is basically great for thickening hair. there’s also a procedure of applying it on hair. 1st of all you’ve got to require an avocado and remove the soft portion of the fruit. now take that in a very container, add a little banana in mashed type and a pair of spoons of olive oil. combine it well and apply it over your hair covering each strand and leave constant for the period of a half-hour. By now, all the nutrients can get absorbed by your hair and scalp. Wash it away with a light shampoo.

Eggs for long hair

Your hair should be provided with an adequate quantity of protein so it will grow long and thick. Like our body, hair also needs a sensible quantity of protein which may be provided with the help of eggs. If your hair is long, you ‘d need two eggs however people with short hair will manage with one egg. simply beat the egg in a container, beat it well until the complete resolution becomes pale yellow in color and also the white portion becomes extinct. now apply it with either brush or your hand using a glove on your hair by taking each strand from the basis to tip. you wish to stay it for half and hour and so remove with by using a mild shampoo and Luke warm water.

Go long thick hair with fenugreek roots

You can fully depend upon fenugreek seeds for your hair care. The naturally obtained Fenugreek seeds are very great after you want to stop hair fall and replace constant with new growing hair. For this treatment, you wish to require few teaspoon of such seed and soak constant in water nightlong. Now, you’ve got to create the paste out of the seed with the help of a grinder. now take it during a container and place two teaspoons of coconut milk in it. combine it with a spoon very well then apply constant over your hair along with the scalp for the half-hour. once the time is over, you have to clean your hair properly with Luke warm water. this can provide you with very attractive and thick hair for an extended time.

Thick hair with cathartic (Castor oil)

You must have heard regarding castor oil and its benefits in lifestyle. This may be a thick and sticky liquid however it’s working over your hair are fantastic. you’ll take some cathartic and heat it in flame in order that the thickness gets diluted and you’ll get an ease in applying the same. it’s having a good quantity of antioxidant and fatty acid that works wonderfully to create your hair thick and dense. Take the castor oil in your hand, rub it across your palm and apply it to your hair so that it reaches every root simply. you also need to massage your hair in a circular motion with the assistance of your fingertips and hands. now cover it with a towel. you’ve got to stay it inside your towel for one hour and so remove it with the help of excellent quality shampoo. Wash your hair well so the stickiness doesn’t remain.

Indian gooseberry

For years Indian gooseberry has proved to be a beautiful remedy for hairs. so as to get long and powerful hair, Indian Gooseberry is usually preferred. it’s also having anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which can help keep your scalp free from every type of issues. this may also enhance the hair rate of growth. you’ve got to create a solution where you would like to take a small container. The ingredients to be mixed here are 2tablespoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of Indian Gooseberry. Now, you have to heat the mixture and let it cool until it’s Luke warm. now apply the mixture in such the way that it reaches the basis of every hair. you’ll keep it overnight and use shampoo in the next day.

Henna (Mehndi)

You must have heard concerning henna in several occasions. this can be an herbal powder that’s having a mix of all ingredients like henna leaves, amla, ritha, shikakai and far a lot of. The mixture of these herbs gives rise to a beautiful product that keeps your hair thick, strong and attractive. you’ve got to combine henna powder in hot water and soak it overnight. Next morning you need to apply the paste everywhere your hair. you can also add egg and dairy product to that and create a beautiful paste. This paste is extremely effective in bringing health to your hair. Wash your hair after an hour or 2 once it’s dry.

Aloe vera gel

For years Aloe vera gel is used to make a beautiful impact on human skin and hair. however many people are still not aware of the actual fact. But, you need to really try applying the Aloe vera gel that’s rightly available in your garden. Take a long leave and cut it from the center. now extract the Aloe vera gel and apply it to your hair. This helps in restoring the pH balance in your scalp. you’ve got to wait for a half-hour once applying this Aloe vera gel over your hair. you’ll also combine coconut oil with Aloe vera gel and a beautiful result in treating your hair. you’ll grow Aloe vera plant at your vegetable garden and find an effective remedy. Your hair is free from dandruff and hair fall. but you’ve got to use it regularly.

A Good diet

A healthy diet is another necessary consideration after you are going to see your hair grow during a considerable method. you have to eat lots of vegetables, fibrous food, protein yet as vitamins. The mineral made food is an also another effective way to keep your hair sturdy and long. the growth of your hair can ne’er be restricted with such healthy diet. you would like to possess a good quantity of eggs, milk and dairy product. The food items like nuts, beans, fatty fish etch are very effective to keep your skin and hair active. the entire grains and fresh vegetables are very effective in obtaining an extended and strong hair.

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