Henna Stain and its time period

How long will the henna painting?

There are several factors that will decide how dark and how long the henna stain. Some you can control, others are not. There really is not an exact number on how long the henna painting. Henna can take 4 days to 6 weeks. Depending on the type of skin care and people. Two people can have a henna design made with the same body part, follow the above follow-up care, and even spot a person can last longer and fade more quickly than the other.

How long should you keep it?

You should stay on the skin for at least 4 hours natural Henna. Although henna paste should keep up overnight (8-10 hours) with a really dark spot. The longer the henna paste is left on the skin, the need to further put to paint and deeper layers of the skin and thus a dark spot.

My body temperature really makes the difference?

“Yes !!! Because henna and heat seems to love each other, you should try to stay warm. Usually warmer than the rest of the body in the palm of one of the many reasons for the henna stain darker palm of your hand. If your hands are often cold, henna painting can not be dark. Try sitting in a warm room with a cup of drinking hot favorite, tea, cocoa, coffee, still like it better. You can try to wrap seal that works very well to keep body heat. This explain how close the design later.

First you need to excoriate?

Henna paste allows ink absorbed in the top layer of skin cells. Henna is not absorbed into the bloodstream and only patch of skin layers. Therefore, if you excoriate just before the henna, henna does not have enough layers to be absorbed, and does not result in the desired spot. Therefore, we recommend to shave, wax, etc. a day or two before getting henna applied.

What is the best part of the body to apply the henna?

Henna best spots on the thicker part of the skin, such as the palms and soles. The henna painting other parts of the body such as the arms and legs, but will not be as dark spots. The skin on the face / neck can not get the stain of henna body oils inhibit absorption.

The water is safe for my henna?

It is desirable to reduce contact with water, it is very important for at least 24 hours. Once in contact with water it will prevent the stain reaches its peak color. In doing so, the maintenance chores, such as washing dishes, try wearing gloves. This helps to protect the design. The heat of things, like the bowl of water can also help you to become darker.

Can I use a hair dryer to dry quickly?

This is a big no, no! Drying henna on dry faster and we want the henna paste to stay moist and warm as long as possible … so you have time to penetrate the skin.

How can I wrap my plan correctly?

Wrap the mehndi is a good idea if you are looking for a dark spot deep, even if you are not careful can lead to spots on the design! Always apply sealant lemon / sugar once made a design. This will help keep intact mehndi help prevent the cracks as you move. If you decide to close the mehndi once dry, there are several steps you should take:

1) Please make sure that the mehndi is completely dry. If you do not dry, wet wrapping paper for him while you can and destroy!

2) obstacles. As a result of the envelope moisture, and can also ruin your henna, you want to have a layer of tissue, pulled cotton balls, napkins, paper towels, socks or except unwanted moisture.

3) Once you have chosen the mehndi wrapped in fabric, etc. are now ready to close its packaging comply. This will help your body heat.

4) Keep warm! I can not stress this enough … mehndi wrap sitting in front of a fan or eat ice cream is not a good idea. I prefer sitting in the well-heated room, near a heater, or even a nice hot cup of tea or coco! Heat henna helps to penetrate the layers of skin, so a nice dark spot that we love so much.

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