How to get Long hair

Here I am sharing the answer of the question which is creating in every women’s mind “How to get long hair

• Coconut hair oil only makes the hair free from frizzly. however, it not helps in growing the hair. This hair oil is simply as the conditioner for the hair.

• Almond oil is actually useful to the hair. Apply the oils at nighttime time makes your hair smooth and glossy to the next morning.
• Other oils like castor oil and mustard oil are enhancing the hair and keep your hair scalp smooth.
• Tea oil is that the best somebody for the hair. it makes the hair glow and glossy.
• A mixture of lemon, curd, tea extracts is wide used for the hair masks and conditioners.
• Apple vinegar helps for the bouncy hair. Apply the vinegar combine with hot water on the hair makes your hair bouncy.
• Bottle gourd juices are nice for the hair .Apply the bottle gourd juice on the hair and wash after 3o minutes provides the most effective results.
• Olive oil is best for the split ends. Apply the oil at the split ends of the hair.
• Amla powder, castor oil, and egg combine all of them and create a smooth paste. Apply if before getting to hair bath.
• Avoid the hot water baths. hot water makes your hair dry and brittle.
• For the hair, fall takes the henna, lemon juice and egg white combine of these. Apply this paste on the hair and hair scalp. Wash when twenty minutes.
• Do not come back the wet hair, it’ll fetch the hair from the roots.
• Take the right diet within the food.
• Make your hair clean. Take hair bathtub 2-3 times during a week is nice for the healthy hair.
• Stay hydrated within the day time.
• Avoid the hair display towards the sun, pollution.

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