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There’s no shortage of haircut ideas on the web. Every week, another cool-girl celeb sports a game-changing new hairstyle on Instagram. however the hair cut that works for J. Law won’t look quite as cute on you – and that is OK, so long as you hold no illusions concerning it. Of course, finding the most effective haircut for your face form is simpler said than done – and it is a method that takes some painful missteps before getting it right.

Whether you are still obtaining over the emotional scarring of your terrible high school hair days (oh hey, bowl cut), or just have yet to search out a haircut that flatters your face shape, the look for the perfect haircut is difficult. It needs attention to detail and knowledge of angles – things best left to an expert. And whereas we’re grateful for the haircut inspiration that floods our Pinterest boards, scrolling through haircuts for round faces, oval, square, etc. willgo on forever.

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That’s where hairdresser extraordinaire, Marco Pelusi comes in. Celebrity shoppers like George Clooney and Jennifer O’Dell place their trust in Pelusi’s hands (literally), as he transforms their hair into superbly fitted frames for their various face shapes. once deciding the way to approach a client’s hair style, Pelusi offers this insight: “Face form, body shape, facial features and jawline – to call a few  are all necessary factors once deciding what type of haircut goes to appear best on a client,” he says. “It’s necessary that your stylist enhances your positive features and softens the traditionally ‘negative’ ones” (aka spherical cheeks, small chin, etc.).

And while you’d suppose everyone would be walking around with angular haircuts to emphasise features like cheekbones and jawlines, Pelusi says once it involves face shapes there are definite rules. “Some face shapes are easier to figure with than others,” he confesses. “But each face shape is gorgeous in its own method, when catered to properly [with the proper haircut]. It’s all regarding how you frame the face.”

So what’s the most effective hair cut for your face shape? find all the best hair styles ideas which will blandish your face, and find out the haircut of your dreams.

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