Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles are one of the most versatile, especially when it comes to fine hair, and you can do a lot of cool hairstyles even if you want your hair to be much thicker. They are more versatile loose bob hairstyle style, and different wedding hairstyles, ponytails or spins. If you do not know how to style your hair, choose a bob cut, which looks very smooth or curly tease the roots. Improve texture and touch the dirty stop if you are constantly on the move.

The secret to the perfect Medium length hairstyles 

The key to the perfect cut to the shoulders is just right. It may not be too long or too short and looks best when it just hits the clavicle, or a little higher, just like Ali Larter is doing here.

“The finish should look boring, but it should never be boring, boring as it seems cheap,” explains stylist Harry Josh Vogue Magazine. “You texturize ends can be a pen razor so the line looks clean, but it really is a lot of movement in it. Too much of a block, and it looks difficult.”

Stylist Andy Lecompton is the creator of the magnificent Larter Bob graduated. Lecompte told the secret magazine Allure of this style is long layers, which begins just below the chin. He used a “softer” razor blade Larter has been finished, so it would not be heavy and boring.

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Style How to Cut It

If you are one of the stylists I trust that this type of haircut is Ahn Co Tran. You’ve probably seen their occasional, beachy, textured waves from Instagram and Pinterest. He has shared his magazine style secrets Refinery29 Style and Glamor Magazine.

Here’s how it can be Tran’s signature look:

  1. Apply Oribe Conditioner styling d’Or wet hair thermal shield. It smoothes the hair and protects it from the heat.
  2. About to dry the hair for about 75% of the (sometimes rough Tran dry in only 20 percent, sometimes 100 percent, depending on the texture of the hair). Do not be soft here; your goal is to create a volume. Turn your head one and brush left on the counter.
  3. Finish blow-out boar smoothed hair bristle brush.
  4. The section of hair with the ear to ear leaving the front and back.
  5. The longer the hair, the thicker your curler should be. I prefer clampless curlers more expensive T3 twist trio interchangeable Styling wand, but Tran uses a clamp. Always leave curling ends. Take a look at my list of the best curlers.
  6. Tran runs horizontal curly hair, from bottom to top. It takes 1-inch sections and curves toward your face. In the next section, it curves away from the face. This makes the hair look more natural.
  7. The last part of the top of the horizontal always complains of the face.
  8. Continuing to curl the hair around the head always alternates the direction of the curve. Never touch the curls. Let them put them there, creepy.
  9. When all the hair is curly, Tran moves towards his products. Dry hair uses a serum, which passes in the middle of the end of the hair shaft. The Oribe Super shine moisturizer is recommended. Also recommends Oribe Activity after Wave Beach and Shine, which sprinkles the roots, raising the support hairs end. Fine hair that needs volume, Tran uses a texturizing spray. He wears Oribe dry textured hair spray. I recommend Shu Uemura WAV texture. Keep your hair up, and spray on the roots.
  10. If you need more hair volume and roots, Tran suggests Teaser plot. You just tease the hair root for it.
  11. Muss the hair by massaging the roots and wrinkling the hair with your hands. You want texture, used look. You do not want your hair to give the impression of a curler touched. Use hands, do not use a brush or comb.
  12. In order to get the piece-and-look, Tran says that she oaths Refinery29 Leonor Greyl Paris Eclat natural. It heats the size amount of a coin in the palm of the hand and fingers and then combs the curls back into shape. Styling cream maintains the shape of a bow.

Gorgeous Women’s Shoulder Length Hairstyles Over 50

The medium length hair is ideal for women over 50 years of age, as it is long enough to be considered as elegant and attractive, but not as long as it seems that we are trying to be 25 again.

You simply cannot go wrong with a cut that goes from a few inches below the chin and shoulders. It extends to any person, regardless of age, hair texture and face shape.

How to Find Your Perfect Medium Hair Cuts

Finding the perfect length of the cut shoulder for you depends on three things:

  1. Your hair texture. Do you have thin and thick curly hair, very curly, smooth or simply fastidious, it is a medium cut that works with you?
  2. The shape of your face. The same applies to the shape of the face. Some of the cuts convince some facial forms better than others.
  3. Your personality. If you consider yourself a relaxed, nervous, hip, sophisticated, classic, fashionable or lazy to wear-your-hair-always-in-a-pony, there is a wide shoulder cut out for you.

In this photo gallery, all time look favorite medium hairstyles for older women, always and bobs, wooly styles, wavy hair and pin straight cuts. You can see how the piece can take years off your face and why both layers can lighten loads of thick hair.

As we age, our hair loses part of its body. To get the body back well, thinning hair, what you want to do is cut the layers, then use a mousse to give volume or spray style. Be sure to include the product of the roots and crown and never on top of the hair. Dry your hairs to create a diffuser or creak dry your body.

Key the great mid-cut Hairstyles

One of the large long-haired hair, which is not too thick and not too thin, but does not work for everyone. Long coats are the key to perfect hairstyle, as they contain a flat body hair, thick hair texture, and curly hair control.

Be careful not to cover the back too much. Too many layers, and you can end up with a mullet – hard roof and messy, ends laboriously.

The layers should be cut on the front face of the frame. If you have short hair, do not let your stylist cut layers above the eye. If you have long hair, do not let the layers above your ear lobe, or you risk looking date.


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