Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a tradition that has been practiced for centuries and many persons follow it. These mehndi designs (henna tattoo)are specifically applied on women’s hands and have different styles and patterns. It depends on the type of design you want. Girls are crazy easy mehndi design. Here are some of the best of the class collected Mehndi design you Pictures. If you are the bride then have some kind of special designs and exclusive Dulhan Mehndi. Design work needs to be final very accurately since even a small mistake can change the whole look of mehndi worse. People spend thousands of rupees on these designs.
It is considered one of the auspicious days in the style of the bride and groom, as it is believed that God showers his blessings to the couple. Apply mehndi is considered a good omen for the new life of a couple. So ignore it during the day of their marriage is not considered fair Indian traditions and beliefs.
As the festive season and the wedding season has come all the girls are all very interested and ready to enjoy every bit of it. It is our dress, shoes, makeup, hairstyles want everything to look perfect and durable, so our mehndi design. Every Indian girl is going crazy for applying mehndi festive mood in these countries and times weeds. With the application of each Indian mehndi, festivities are considered “SUBH” and symbolizes the bond of love. Personally, I’m going to die of heart fan of many mehndi designs.
Indian marriage is considered incomplete without Mehandi celebration. It has become a trend now a day to day mehndi must be unique and something extraordinary. Therefore, the bride and groom to spend the extra money in their pockets to make this day better and brighter. They want every moment of your wedding beautiful. So important Mehandi and elsewhere during the marriage are also given.

Here you can find mehndi design images

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Arabic Mehndi Design

Designs of patterns and styles of Arabic or simple Mehndi designs. Manual design can be started directly from the elbow to the end of the nails. The design is made by hands and is very similar in appearance. Many times the name of the bride’s groom hides within the mehndi’s designs and asks him to find it. Arabic design is full of sharp leaves, vines and flowers, sharp petals outline. The importances of the overall black and thick Arabic design, giving it a stylish look every celebration.

Here you can find Arabic Mehndi designs

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Bridal Mehndi Designs

The bride’s design is full of a lot of leaves, vines, decorations and preferred very beautiful design, which also included Dulhan designs, Dulha, table hands. And the bridal Mehndi design consists of beautiful grounds and the reasons for them have different designs, such as Dhols, Shehnai, Kalash, and Ganesh Ji.

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Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian designs are full of minute curves; less spaced vines this includes designing the peacocks, flowers, petals, giving it a very ethnic look of the festive season. Glitter designs of mehndi designs are filled with designs. The brightness / brightness in the center of the design is very well placed for a significant impact on the full shine / sparkle. This is the design trend preferred by the young girls in celebration. Painted henna designs.

Indo-Arabic Mehndi designs

With the direction of change in taste by mehndi is even changed. Nowadays young people want a modern design in Indo-Arab is the best choice for this. The combination of complex Indian designs, thick Arab nails Overview of characteristic curves with this requirement in today’s generation is given a completely more elegant taste more traditional.

Dubai Mehndi designs

Nobody can forget the great designs Mehandi is from Middle Eastern countries. This may be the Arab and Dubai. Dubai is known as a single-chain design pattern. Mehndi ornament can apply the wrist like a rather say that Dubai designs resemble like you’ve taken a wrist ornament and design tool that runs elongated medium as shown in the picture fashionable appearance. I am confident that the Dubai market design rule, very quickly and is trending to provide a unique appearance.

Geometric Mehndi designs

Geometric henna designs are full of a variety of geometric patterns such as triangle, square, rectangle, and circle. Some people even preferred this design that gives you a real look.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs

Mughlai designs are full and floral motifs and intricate designs are drawn in Palm is less compared to other designs Mehendi design.

How do we create henna Designs on hands

  1. Wash your hands and your feet before applying mehndi.
  2. Be sure to keep all the important things you like while applying a little rough cloth under his arm and legs
  3. Do not move until the completion of mehndi design, as this may cause breakage of the design, and finally take the bad mehndi design.
  4. Do not sit in an area where there are too much sunlight and heat.
  5. Do not pass pedicures, manicures, bleaching, waxing after applying Mehendi Mehendi as it may fade the color. Make sure you have your appointment lounge 2, all of these things before the two days of the request mehndi.
  6. When applying mehndi, let it dry naturally or best let him spend the night and wash in the morning from 8 to 10 hours results.
  7. Saucepan and heat for a few nails, put your hands and feet to get a smoky flame nails Mehndi darker.
  8. The lemon-sugar mixture helps make mehndi darker. Drink water in a bowl and add the sugar to boil rather say hot, then add the lemon in it. Use this magical blend once your mehndi is dry before removing helps better spread Mehendi palms and feet leaving Heena color darker appearance. I know that the festive and wedding season is in the head and in the end still confused mehndi designs, so here Mehandi designs different trend.

You can get a lot of different designs of Mehndi on this website. The mehndi designs are so special, and we have established a complete list of the best records here henna designs. In addition, there are a lot of Mehndi designs from the everyone.

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