Short hairstyles

Hottest short hairstyles this year are sharper and more modern than previous years. An elegant look includes long short and long side bangs and bobs Shags Mussy Pompadour, even some of the most popular celebrities out today.

If you are thinking about giving up short hair or simply changing hairstyle, then you might consider one of the six hottest short hair trends of the moment.

They are :

  • The pixie (but a modern version)
  • The mussy shag
  • The Pompadour
  • The unstructured bob (still going strong!)
  • Super-short, edgy cuts
  • The demi-bob (also known as “the long bob” or the “lob”)

In this photo gallery, I will give you the scoop on each trend, which is how the face and hair work best with them, and I will provide links to photo galleries that show a very deep tendency. In addition, you know the best hair products for each appearance.

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Would Short Hairstyles Suit You?

Short hair is so popular this year, a series of short haircuts. But which of these popular cuts best suits your face shape and hair texture?

The good news is that almost everyone will have a short haircut. Certain styles work best for certain forms of the face and hair. For example, your hairstyle should give you the fantasy of having an oval face shape. Then if you want to lengthen a circle face, and if you have a squared face, you need to smooth the jawline.

1. The Pixie Hairstyle

Audrey Hepburn was the original celebrity pixie hair and Mia Farrow popularized the look of the 1960s. In recent years, pixie hair “popped” a slew of stylish singers and actresses including Michelle Williams, Jennifer Goodwin, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

While many Pixies are the traditionally short collection of modern pixie tends to be choppy and textured longer tufts giving you plenty of style options.

The Best Hair Texture for a Pixie

Pixie works best on women’s thick, naturally wavy hair. Encounter Pixie does not work so fine, straight hair, because the hair falls too close to the scalp, looking a bit like a helmet. If you have hair, you may need a lot of products for the body.

What Face Shapes Work With a Pixie?

 Pixie works best on the woman’s heart-shaped, square and oval face. This is a good cut for women with round faces as well, just make sure to keep long bangs and style on them, or to create the illusion of length.

2. The Shag, Modernized

If you are looking for “shag hairstyles “ on the internet that appear a lot has a date, girl rocker hairstyle with lots of layers. They remind me of the 80 hairstyles – a kind of consuming mullet hairstyle.

However, the modern hairstyle of lint does not resemble the smooth and should not have to remind one of the 80’s. What they have in common is their hairstyle in the past messiness ends up cross and delimitation. Modern shag hairstyle but not so scaly.

Beauty fuzz haircut is that it attracts all forms of the face. To get details Mussy see what you want to use a salt spray or texturizing spray and crunch your hair while it dries.

3. The Pompadour

The hot trend in hairstyle, which is left over from a few years ago, Pompadour, also known as a permanent wave or fauxhawk. This hairstyle – which is usually shaved the sides and the top bulging, which reminds me of a rooster comb – has become a trend of steady and cool hairstyle choice of singers Miley Cyrus and Pink, as well as a series of other celebrities.

Who can use it to search? Anyone guts, really.

This cut is more the attitude of the face shape, hair Matt Fugate Glow according to the website. This cut works best on thick and coarse hair. Fine hair will just fall flat without the help of a ton of product design. A good stylist is an expert in the funky hairstyles and knows how to follow the shape of your head instead of your face shape, cut short and edgy style.

4. The Bob, Unstructured

Bob is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style, but this season has Mussy shaken and unstructured and has a bit of edge to it. They all seem to end up with chin bobs disheveled or just below it. Add a blunt fringe or fringe for a very nervous look.

That’s the end of Bob’s lead? Everyone is nice jawline and neck are good, Bob. If you have a round, long face Bob is a better choice for you (see below).

Since the hair texture, bobs work best on medium to thin hair. They usually recommend that women with super thick or curly away short cuts to curly hair tend to live on top of the mattress.

5. Super-short, Edgy Cuts

You have to have the courage (or what we call “hard face” here in New York), in order to become a super short, nervous hairstyle, the results can be very, very fresh – and even experienced.

Whether you are looking to cut that are funky or sexy or sweet, there are many, many cuts available for you. To find out what the short haircut will look best on you, I suggest checking out this gallery.

The Long Bob, (The “Demi-Bob”)

Long Bob has been around for a couple of seasons, and is still so hot this year, but has a new name – the semi-bob. According to Vogue magazine, who named demi-bob fashion trend (see article), it is a jerk that is located in the center of the neck and shoulders. It has also been observed in many actresses and models this season, as everyone seems to have become ill by long waves, flushed at the same time.

Everyone looks good in a long, Bob must, however, be sure to comply with the rules of the haircut:

  • More bobs can be tested for being too blunt. Layers stacked behind a small carded while styling their ad dimensions. Add fringes or strikes thick 70 authentic retro look.
  • Bob cannot be too layered, or Bob is not. Gwyneth is a semi-bob here was more avant-garde stylist than thin ends of a pair of scissors or a razor. But this year, Bob will not be too boring, either. Let the wavy and disheveled, blow-dry, or turn 60 styles.
  • Long Bob works best for smooth and wavy hair but looks good for hair (even curly). It is a versatile cut since it is not put to the plate with dry air or flat-ironed.

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